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Raising Hope of African Child-Uganda is a Child Centered  Non Political, not for profit, non denominational and non-governmental organisation focusing on Human rights protection and Promotion of; Education, Environmental protection Agriculture and Healthy living for Orphans, Vulnerable children and communities to alleviate poverty, improve quality of life and prepare them for a constructive and productive developmental persons.

Raising Hope of African Child-Uganda was started in 2009 and officially registered as a Community Based Organisation in Wakiso District in 2010 with registration Number WCBO 463/10 and later integrated into an NGO with Reg. No. S.5914/10507 in 2013. And  a company limited by guarantee as ‘Raising Hope of African Child-Uganda Limited’ It is however, intended to cover the whole continent of Africa focusing on Orphans, Vulnerable children and those whose development is at risk; physically, mentally and socially through promotion of Early Childhood Development and Child Welfare programs, Human right and Environmental protection.

Our Vision

RHAC-Uganda was founded with the hope of seeing a transformed community, children living healthy lives and capable of handling life’s challenges with good morals and contributing effectively to national development.

Our Mission 

We exist to support the vulnerable with skills and materials that will help them see hope for a better future.

Our Motto

Leaving No Child Behind