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Stand up to  give HOPE for a better Future


To be a humanitarian is to see the humanity in all people.

It’s choosing to show up, speak up, and stand up for someone you may never meet. It’s joining a force for good that reaches across beliefs and borders. It’s refusing to settle for broken promises when the world needs bold solutions. It’s knowing you don’t have to be in power to have power.

That’s how we turn our values into victories. And our community into Machineries of Justice.

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We are committed to advocating for Children’s Right and General Human Rights, We advocate against child labour, Child sacrifices, Sexual abuses, Domestic Violence, Right to education, equality, the minority groups, children with special needs etc… through organizing events and activities like Seminars, workshops, Radio and Television Shows public gatherings, Music Dance & Drama competitions, Sporting activities that can not only create Public Awareness but also attract public attention and public interest and actions against the practice and the perpetrators. We engage community leaders, religious institutions in condemning and sensitizing masses against Child abuses, Gender Based Violence discrimination of all types.

Women & Gender

Establishing equality between women and men is vital to unleashing the power of families and communities to transform their lives for the better — but around the world, women, men, boys and girls experience disproportionate access to resources, exposure to risks and control of their futures.

So, with every programme we put into action wherever  we’re working — we consider the needs of both genders, evaluate the dynamics between them and work to empower those most at risk.

We focus, especially, on helping women and girls find their equal voice in the places where they have fewer rights, because we know that strong women equal strong families — and strong communities. 

Why focus on women and girls?

Women and girls can be catalysts for incredible, positive change. But, traditional gender roles, certain cultural beliefs and few opportunities often keep them from reaching their full potential.

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Overcoming Challenges to Stay at School

While research shows that educated women are less likely to marry early and more likely to have healthy, educated children, girls still face great — and, sometimes, insurmountable — barriers to education, including poverty, inadequate sanitation facilities, gender-based violence, social norms that favour boys’ education and early marriage.

According to UNICEF, one-third of girls in the developing world are married before the age of 18, and one-third of women in the developing world give birth before the age of 20.

Women and girls also face more hurdles in building fruitful, stable livelihoods: While nearly half the world’s farmers are women, only 20 percent of landholders are. Female farmers also have less access to tools, seeds, fertilizers and financing.