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Education is the foundation of progress, but it is often interrupted by extreme poverty, war and other crises. As a result, individuals and their communities often can’t reach their full potential.

Rhac-Uganda works to bring access to education to all girls and boys of school going age and economically vulnerable groups to help ensure a better future for all.

We provide scholastic materials, scholarships and Bursaries to the needy school going age children. This is done through our annual scholarships and Bursaries program which are advertised and published in different media platforms usually applications are issued throughout the year but verification starts in September and the successful applicants are published in March, except in exclusive circumstances.

Scholarships are awarded to either poor but bright secondary and post-secondary school students or children with special needs such as those who are HIV positive Or with disabilities to the extent that their relatives do not see the importance of educating them. This covers all school requirements and transport costs for such category of students. Meanwhile, Bursaries are in form of cost sharing to all rural students whose parents can afford payment of school fees only in rural school setting.

In such case, those students are assisted in three different ways

1). The Organisation pays the remaining balance of the school fees on to that paid by the parents.
2). The School decides the parent to pay what is able to afford.
3).They are offered to students with special skills or talents such as a great athlete, footballer, basket baller, netballer, etc…..

To apply write to: Or

Raising Hope of African Child-Uganda, P.O. Box 35662. Kampala Uganda.