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HIV/AIDS support

HIV AIDS Support - Raising Hope of African Child Uganda

Early diagnosis and access to treatment are vital to prevent children infected with the HIV virus from dying of AIDS. Yet, the most recent statistics show that while the number of children receiving anti-retro viral medicines has increased to around 40 percent, this is still notably lower than the number of adults. Raising Hope of African Child-Uganda is involved  in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa and our core interest is to initiate/support, encourage and promote initiatives  aimed at preventing and controlling the spread of the disease. We are in full support of presidential initiative to terminate the disease in Uganda by 2030, through awareness campaigns counselling & Guidance and workshops to the youngsters who bear the biggest brand of the burden in the country.


Palliative Care

We have established Nurse-led Home based palliative care service for terminally ill patients in Adjumani District as a pilot District which has helped more people to die at home. This has further resulted in to an estimated saving of 17,423 bed days and further savings from avoiding A&E admissions. Feedback from patients and their carers have been positive.

Nutritional Support

Our Early Childhood Development Program includes providing training packages on feeding of infants to first time mothers, Food  and Medical Aid  to Malnourished children, Pregnant & Breast feeding Mothers. We recognize the fact that Healthy growth minimizes cases of Illnesses in Children  and promotes development of the immune system.

Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Program.

WASH Program - Raising Hope of African Child

Water Sanitation and Hygiene has been the biggest problem affecting slums and urban residents in Uganda. We have underscored the need to carry on campaigns of such nature consistently in order to prevent water borne diseases like cholera that often leaves fatalities among children and elderly persons.