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At Raising Hope of African Child-Uganda, we believe in Talents and Innovations. Children in their diversity are equally talented, they are often modeled by their environment, inspirations  from the people they cherish, education standards etc… Amid all these opportunities many of their talents remain unidentified or undeveloped or underdeveloped due to limited opportunities to expose their hidden sources of livelihood. This is why we lead their way by providing a platform specifically for these purposes.

Get it On !!!       Your Talent is Your Fortune.

Our Programmes are designed to identify develop and promote talents & skills and turn it to a capital machine. We appreciate the fact that children are born with multiple talents and in the face of ever growing employment gap due to imperfect labor market. it’s important to encourage these talents and transform them into a source of livelihood to those who are gifted be it in sports or in performing art or music dance and drama, we are here to tap these talents through organizing events & activities like talent expo in schools & in communities such as MDD, Sports Galas, innovations,  etc…